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Marie Laveau Course : The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Marie Laveau Course : The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

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The powerful & beautiful Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau has been engrained in New Orleans history since the early 1800s she facilitated the rise of the still thriving voodoo culture of New Orleans and worldwide. Marie Laveau became and remains a symbol of voodoo in New Orleans and everywhere she was and remains respected, loved and feared. Till this very day she still remains the reigning Voodoo Queen.

This book is ideal for spiritual practitioners as well as researchers and anyone just curious about the magical aspects of New Orleans Voodoo and the Queen herself.

In this book we will go over tons of information & misconceptions about the Queen Marie.

In this course we will cover topics including:

Marie Laveau's Life and Family History


Misconceptions & the Detailed Background of Queen Marie


Marie Laveau's favorite gifts & offerings as well as the saints that she worked with that you may petition as well when working with her


Marie Laveau's Charitable Contributions to her Community and the world


How to become a devotee or help current devotees strengthen their relationship and devotion to the celebrated Voodoo Queen of New Orleans


Spells, Prayers & Rituals


And much much more


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