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The Thirteenth Letter

The Thirteenth Letter

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Unique Elements:

Annotated Edition

Explore the wonders and magic of this unforgettable classic and take an exhilarating step back in time!

The Thirteenth Letter by American author Natalie Sumner Lincoln is a classic detective fiction novel first published in 1924 in the United States.

A celebrated detective mystery classic filled with thrilling adventure and suspense.


 A long-drawn sigh cut the stillness. Slowly Miriam Ward raised her head and struggled to a more upright position. Her limbs felt stiff and cramped and she moved with difficulty. Without comprehension she watched a beam of light creep from underneath a window curtain and extend across the floor, its radiance widening as the sun rose higher in the heavens. The current of air from the opened window blowing indirectly upon her overcame her sense of suffocation, but her wild stare about the bedroom did not bring recollection in its train. The first thing to fix her attention was the fireplace and the darkened hearth—no heat was given out by the dead embers. Suddenly conscious of the chill atmosphere, she involuntarily grasped her dress and dragged it closer about her neck. The touch of the starched linen caused her to glance downward. She was wearing her uniform, therefore she was on duty!’

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